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Prosper in all you do.Advanced handmade custom natural crystal bracelet

Prosper in all you do.Advanced handmade custom natural crystal bracelet

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Design idea

July is a hot month in summer, associated with the fire element and also known as the "golden month". During this time, increasing metal elements can enhance wealth and luck. The golden tiger eye stone helps relieve stress, improve goal achievement, reduce mental strain, and maintain brain flexibility. Sterling silver jewelry with tassel rings can ward off evil spirits and calm nerves.


 Product parameter

Trade name:July.Prosper in all you do

Product size:18cm (Elastic rope,hand circumference 16cm-20cm)

Material: natural crystal stone (Gold tiger eye stone, sterling silver pendant)

 Crystal size:12mm

accessory:11cm (measurement error 0.5mm)

Delivery time:3-5 days  (Made according to order order)

Packing instruction

Packaging box *1

Vacuum jewelry box*1

 After sale card *1

Random blessing card *1



1.  Wear for the first time:it is recommended to wear it from 7 am to 9 am

2.  Bracelet should be worn on the left hand

3.  Do not let the bracelet collide with other accessories

4. Avoid exposure to heat

5. Do not let oil stains, oil stains


About Crystal Nature

Shops are natural crystals, after all, it is not like glass beads, there are some cotton/wool/ice crack/symbiosis/lack of features are normal will not affect the overall beauty of our side will also screen out more obvious flaws in the crystal to buy natural you need to learn to appreciate its natural beauty.

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