Discover OmKama's design

Inspired by Oriental Feng Shui and the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), our designs enhance natural crystal energies through harmonious relationships, precisely elevating fortune. Each piece is meticulously handmade by our Feng Shui expert, Qiana. Discover our seasonal collections tailored to current elemental influences and invite continuous good fortune with OmKaMa.

  • About Color

    Gold, rose gold, silver, and gilded materials may fade over time, but their unique designs remain cherished for their individuality.

  • About Differences

    Each rock crystal ore varies in size, shape, grain, and color due to its natural occurrence, which is a normal phenomenon.

  • About Size

    Due to manual polishing, crystals may deviate from exact sizes, resulting in discrepancies of up to 0.5 mm.

  • About Defects

    Natural minerals may contain imperfections such as cracks and associated minerals, selected for their inherent beauty.