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Gemini. Wind Element. Water.Handmade constellation bracelet with five elements design

Gemini. Wind Element. Water.Handmade constellation bracelet with five elements design

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Design idea

Air signs govern thoughts and ideas, representing intellect, logic, and quick reaction abilities. Geminis are known for their fast-paced thinking and tendency to jump from one idea to another, often leaving others struggling to keep up. Ruled by Mercury, which symbolizes adaptability and communication, Geminis embrace change and dislike being stuck in a routine. White Crystal and Sunstone can resonate well with Gemini's thought process, while Aquamarine can enhance their open-mindedness and depth of thinking.


 Product parameter

Trade name:Gemini. Wind Water


Product size:17cm  (Elastic rope,hand circumference 15cm-19cm)

Material: natural crystal stone

(white crystal, aquamarine, Sun Jinsha stone+silver-plated decoration )

Crystal size:10mm;

Matching stone:10mm-15mm (measurement error 0.5mm)

Color:White, orange, blue

Delivery time:3-5 days  (Made according to order order)

Packing instruction

Packaging box *1

Vacuum jewelry box*1

 After sale card *1

Random blessing card *1



1.  Wear for the first time:it is recommended to wear it from 7 am to 9 am

2.  Bracelet should be worn on the left hand

3.  Do not let the bracelet collide with other accessories

4. Avoid exposure to heat

5. Do not let oil stains, oil stains


About Crystal Nature

Shops are natural crystals, after all, it is not like glass beads, there are some cotton/wool/ice crack/symbiosis/lack of features are normal will not affect the overall beauty of our side will also screen out more obvious flaws in the crystal to buy natural you need to learn to appreciate its natural beauty.

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