About us


Om Kama brand introduction Om is an ancient Sanskrit, the most primitive voice of the universe, and it symbolizes the spiritual consciousness of the ultimate reality. Kama is the name of the god of love in Indian mythology, representing the power of love and desire, and also the desire and pursuit of a better life.

Om Kama is a jewelry brand that combines oriental five elements with original handmade crystal transshipment. Om Kama is not only an ornament made of natural energy crystal, but also a good expectation and good luck blessing. Each of our works incorporates the ancient oriental wisdom-the application of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), which is regarded as a precious treasure to reveal the mystery of life. We hope every friend can deeply feel the mysterious and ancient eastern power.

Om Kama Design concept Each crystal ornament is designed by mixing a variety of crystal types, and on the basis of beauty, it gathers a variety of different crystal energies to achieve a balanced state, which doubles the effect.

Om Kama brand theme

Obtain holographic five-element

To shine ,not be illuminated